General Questions

MastComm is a Business Solution Company for anyone with Business intension

If you are interested in writing go for Blog, for Official use Business, and for Sale choose Ecommerce

We will give you a call once your order is place, to know what you expect, advance features might attract extra charges.

In less than 7 working days, if there should be any delay we will communication to you asap.

Trust & Security

We are going to send your login credentials to your email as soon as your site is ready.

You can do password reset, add new user on your website and more you can do without involving MastComm.

Your login is SSL encrypt to secure information such as Password, Card Number details etc. so that no one can see them.


No, we will ask you the domain name you want to use and we'll get it/give you feedback once it not available.

The mate was a mighty sailing man the Skipper brave and are five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour a three hour tour doing it our way there's nothing we wont try never heard the word impossible.

We are open to hear from you Monday - Saturday, feel free to call or email us.

MastComm will contact you once your website is due for renewing and the token you need to pay for renew once a year.

Self hosting is when we host your website so that you can have access to control cPanel.


Pay on this website after placing order on cart, your payment is e-payment system.

You will receive a receipt once you have carried out your transaction.

Other Questions?

01. Can I get a refund?

Yes, In less than 24 hours of your payment because MastComm works immediately an order is place

02. Do you offer discounts?

We do on timely bases, we add discount using Coupon but that is not always.

03. How can I cancel the subscription?

Contact MastComm to stop you website in less than 24 hours, note there is no refund.

04. Is new user training required?

Yes, I guide on how to use your website, it can be oral or written guide.

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